Why ride with CityCoco?

CityCoco is an electronic scooter that allows mobility within the city on an electronic motor that charges fully in a matter of hours.


Citycoco Comfort

CityCoco engineers are pioneers and innovators in the manufacture of such equipment, and the first in the world who dared to release the series of bikes in this high standard.


CityCoco S

CityCoco S, is a special product which has been servised to your appreciation with its double version. The model which provides maximum comfort with front shock absorbers, at the same time provides a stylish and free use under all kinds of road conditions.

As Featured In

Easy Mobility. Affordable Price. Quality Product.

“With a speed of 40 Km / h and a range of up to 40 Km, Comfort provides quiet, more comfortable driving away from urban traffic jams. It reaches you to the target without loss of performance during climbing up to 20° tilt. You can communicate with CityCoco via your phone via Bluetooth.”

“The CityCoco S is a different design than the classic look. The model, which has a speed of 40 Km / h and a range of 40 km, is quite ambitious during climbing up to 25 ° tilt. The CityCoco S model used with the Lithium-Ion12Ah Samsung battery will enjoy with 12 “Aluminum Rims, Custom Fenders and stylish tires.”

“Would not you like to go together and away with your own, your partner or your friend? Twins are for you. Because; 20Ah Lithium-Ion Battery to reach up to 75 km range. It has both front and rear suspension so that the weight of two people does not disturb the comfort of the flaws on the road. Moreover, you can easily remove the battery at your stopping place and charge it at your desired location.”